Ali’s Roti Shop

When I started this blog, it was originally for keeping track of all the Caribbean restaurants I have visited and to share with you all the best ones out there in Toronto. After visiting this place, I don’t know if to even bother continuing this mission.

As I stepped into Ali’s Roti Shop, I immediately felt as though I was home in my mother’s kitchen (in Trinidad). The mixture of aromas from the various dishes was overwhelming and my hunger grew instantly. Even the setting of the shop had an extremely Caribbean and homey feel with paintings of beaches and other scenery from Trinidad. Enough about that, the food is really where the hype at.

To start with, this place has Doubles! What more do you want!?

Fun fact, whether you say “five Doubles” or “one Doubles“, the name is Doubles! Don’t make the mistake of saying “can I have a Double“.  LOL
The Doubles at Ali’s was amazing. The bara was fresh from the pot so it was soft and fluffy which went well with the super tasty curry channa. I got my doubles with slight pepper and it wasn’t hot at all, just really flavourful. The sad thing was that sweet sauce cost extra and they didn’t have cucumber as a topping. But that surely didn’t take away from how amazing the Doubles taste.

But if you don’t want doubles (something must be wrong with you), there is so much variety to their menu with plenty of curries, stews, rotis, Trinidadian desserts and so much more.

In addition to the Doubles I got a paratha roti and curry duck and lord have mercy (OMG) that was probably the best I have had in a really long time. The roti was so soft and it easily split when breaking to eat. The portions were really large as well and the prices are the same as almost anywhere else. The curry duck was so on point I can’t give it justice with an explanation other than it taste just like home, the way it is supposed to taste. You can also tell that they did not hold back on any ingredients they used for the dishes since everything was tasty.


Here are some of the desserts they have. I didn’t try any unfortunately because I was too filled but they looked great!




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